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First Responder Stories: Our Funniest First Responder Experiences

First responders and lifeguards have a job that transcends the ordinary — blending heroism with a dash of the unexpected, strange, and sometimes, even the humorous. 

This week, we'll be delving into the world of first responders and sharing some hilarious and unforgettable experiences from our very own team members who once donned the lifeguard and first responder capes.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the laughter begin as we recount the craziest #RipperRescueStories from the Maui Rippers team.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy*


Golf Cart
Story 1: From Fairways to Waterways - A Tee-riffic Golf Cart Rescue
Isabella, Lifeguard

Interviewer: "What's your most interesting first responder story?"

Isabella: "So, it's a regular Tuesday, middle of the day at the country club. My eyes are on the pool, and all of a sudden, this dude outside decides to turn his golf cart into a submarine. Right into the lake on the green! Lifeguard mode engaged."

Interviewer: "Wow. What happened next?"

Isabella: (Laughs) "We all rushed outside and had to fish the guy out from the lake! Lifeguard duty took a whole new meaning that day."

Interviewer: "That's hilarious. Was the guy OK?"

Isabella: "Besides being drenched, intoxicated, and $8k in debt for the golf cart, yeah, he was fine."

Interviewer: "Talk about an expensive day of golf."


Firefighter First Responder EMT truck

Story 2: Paramedic Chronicles - The Escape Artist Grandpa
Eric, EMT

Interviewer: "So what's your most interesting first responder story?"

Patrick: "Hmm. Definitely the escape artist grandpa."

Interviewer: "Well that does sound interesting."

Patrick: "It was. We were doing rounds when we got a call that a man decided retirement wasn't for him and attempted a daring fence climb to escape the retirement home. You know, for freedom. Didn't go as planned, to say the least."

Interviewer: "What was your reaction?"

Patrick: "I never thought I'd have to respond to a call about grandpa trying to pull off a great escape. He was OK, though he was upset that his master plan had failed. I'm sure retirement home security got a serious upgrade after that incident."


Ice cream cone in summer

Story 3: Sweet Shenanigans - A Surprise Ice Cream Dip
Veronica, Lifeguard

Interviewer: "What is your most interesting first responder story?"

Veronica: "Definitely that time when we had a break-in at the pool, and the culprits decided to fill the competition pool with ice cream. So not cool."

Interviewer: "And what a shameful waste of ice cream!"

Veronica: "Totally. So the next morning, I'm on guard duty, and this guest with a huge backpack walks by as I'm scanning and accidentally knocks me right into the ice cream-filled pool."

Interviewer: "That doesn't sound very sweet."

Veronica: "Yeah, not sweet but definitely very sticky. Guarding a pool full of ice cream definitely wasn't on my lifeguard checklist that day, but sometimes you gotta just roll with it, right?"


A massive shoutout to our teammates for sharing these epic stories from their days as lifeguards and first responders.

We hope these tales offered an entertaining glimpse into the lighter side of the first responding life.


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Share your favorite funny lifeguard or first responder stories with us on social media using #RipperRescueStories! Let's turn the laughter into a wave of shared experiences. Mahalo!


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