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The New Maui Rippers 17" Guard Short | New Product Spotlight

At Maui Rippers, we know that when it comes to lifeguard gear, quality is non-negotiable. 
Just like your rescue tube, CPR mask, and whistle need to function well, so do your boardshorts! For those who work in aquatic environments, having everyday performance-ready swim trunks that are equally durable and functional is a critical component of the job. 
That's why for over 20 years Maui Rippers has been dedicated to creating reliably tough swim uniforms for lifeguards, firefighters, rescue crews, and aquatic crew members that ensure public water safety around the globe. 
Whether you're a seasonal ocean lifeguard or part of a hotel swimming pool staff, our shorts deliver a leading combination of modern utility, timeless craftsmanship, and first-rate quality that is tailored to fit in with your everyday needs. 
And with a new year comes all-new opportunities to push the boundaries of what we can do. So we're excited to kick off 2023 with our all-new Men's 17" Lifeguard Uniform Boardshort!
The Best Performance-Ready Shorts
Our new 17" stretch guard trunks are the latest and greatest addition to our premium lifeguard uniform collection. Every pair of our lifeguard swim suit trunks is thoughtfully designed with insight from experienced watermen to feature quality tactical details and no extra frills for maximum utility when you're on and off the job. 
The active length outseam ensures the very best mobility in and around the water so you'll never get weighed down by soggy trunks. 
We've built these shorts with a modern athletic design and our standard issue premium 4-way stretch fabric, so you can get your work done with confidence knowing that you can depend on your uniform every step of the way. 
All our stretch boardshorts feature our flexible buttery-soft fabric blend that feels fantastic while you're on the job, on the couch, or on your grind at the gym. 
As if that wasn't great enough, our shorts use advanced quick-dry technology to actively repel moisture from both sea and sweat, making uncomfortable leg chafing a thing of the past. And our uniquely lightweight design drastically speeds up your drying time while still delivering soft, breathable comfort for those long all-day shifts at the station. 
No Frills, All Function
As the shortest length in our men's lifeguard lineup, our new 17" outseam stretch shorts provide an unbeatable level of flexibility and versatility for any activity, so you can stay prepared for whatever comes next. 
For most guys, these seaworthy trunks will end a few inches above the knee, allowing for a dynamic range of leg movement for typical activities like sprinting, paddling, climbing, diving, and operating water rescue vehicles. And finished off with a spacious velcro-seal pocket for storage, anti-rust grommets, and easy machine-washable maintenance, these trunks are guaranteed to have your back for the long haul. 
From Canada to Australia, we are proud to outfit first responders, guards and watermen around the world with the very best quality gear for their everyday work. 
That's why we offer an extensive array of official guard colors, agency seal customization, stretch or microfiber fabric options, and standard issue lengths for our men's and women's uniform shorts in order to serve each individual agency's unique needs. 
We consistently pour our efforts into designing and improving our trunks to provide our guards with quality they can trust.
Quality You Can Trust
We believe that you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and functionality. 
Lifeguards and first responders work tirelessly to keep swimmers and beachgoers safe all year long, so it's important to have shorts that will work for you. Our unlined high-performance swimsuits are always ready for any conditions, rain or shine, work or play.  
Constructed with resilience in mind, these are shorts you can really put to the test. 
If you're ready to outfit your crew with the best quality uniforms for the season, don't wait! Spring is just around the corner, so place your order now to get your gear in time for summer. 
For wholesale/bulk lifeguard orders: Email us at or call 442-325-1028


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