The Long & Short of It: How Choose Your Ideal Men's Boardshorts For Your Lifestyle

The Long & Short of It: How Choose Your Ideal Men's Boardshorts For Your Lifestyle

With warm weather right around the corner, cold water surfers are trading in their full suits for shorties, and plenty of folks are gearing up to get beachgoing again. That means it's about time to start stocking up on your summer wardrobe. 

But before you head to the store to search for that new pair of beachcombing slippers or designer sun glasses, it's vital to pick up the perfect pair of boardies to have your back on all your aquatic adventures. 

After all, ask any experienced surfer and they'll tell you that having quality shorts is just as important as a quality board (as well as some comfy loungewear for those post-session naps). 

With that in mind, we've provided a helpful breakdown of all three men's outseam lengths we offer to help you find your best fit for this summer. 


19" Length



Our modern 19" boardshorts have no equal, providing the best range of mobility and comfort around, while still looking stylish enough to wear as regular everyday shorts. 

Active and athletic guys love this length for the increased movement and versatility they provide while you're out in the barrel, or just skimming shoreside, all without sacrificing functionality. 

The flexible above-the-knee design ensures that even in the toughest conditions, you can stay one step ahead of the action. 

Our pigment-dyed vintage collection is a particular fan favorite, featuring a stylish scallop hem and made-to-fade enzyme-washed trims that give them the classic look of sun-drenched shorts with seasons of experience.


21" Length





The preferred length of many original Maui Rippers, our Hawaiian style 21" boardshorts have all the utility, and none of the fuss. 

Designed to move with you, these mid-length shorts end at the knee for most guys, and are the perfect pick for for anything from casual surf sessions, a day of boating, or just a late night jacuzzi soak. Whatever your pastime, our shorts are built to last season after season. 

We're proud to offer our 21" shorts in designs inspired by our favorite breaks around the world, as well as classic colorways and nouveau surf aesthetics. And with an array of waistband designs and pocket styles to choose from, you're sure to find the right pair (or two) for your lifestyle. 


24" Length



As one of our flagship shorts, the 24" Extra Long boardshorts are a highly beloved style, and the boardshort of choice for many big and tall watermen of all levels of expertise around the world. 

For guys 6'5 and taller, these are the comfortably mid-length knee-high shorts you've been looking for. 

We designed these shorts to allow surfers and swimmers of all shapes and sizes the freedom to do your thing, hassle-free. Say goodbye to sticky surf wax on your legs, or hems riding up a little too high while your dropping in. 

Sporting an extended leg length and just the right amount of stretch, these very long shorts cover all the bases, and still pack all the useful features of your standard issue athletic swim short. 

Currently available in a selection of colors and styles (and also featured in our new premium Hybrid boardshort line), these boardshorts are a must-have for any guy looking to get a little extra out of the season. 

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