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Seaside Style Guide: Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer 2023

For most folks, summer is the season of living like there's no tomorrow. 

From trailblazing hikes at a national park to surfing South America's most gnarly breaks, summer has always been the time of year for big and bold, and your swimwear should be no exception. 

Lucky for you, big and bold is our specialty. 

Now that summer's just around the bend, it's the perfect time to upgrade your swim game with head-turning swimwear that's on the cutting edge of quality and style.

So we've curated a handy swim style guide just for you that will deliver the hottest (and coolest) styles for summer 2023. 

Whether you want a trendy pair of men's boardies to rock everyday at the beach, or you're looking for ultra-comfy fashion-forward spandex shorts to have your back on a road trip, we've got you covered with the style tips and examples you need.

So put on your shades and dive in as we take a look at some seriously hot warm-weather swimwear trends for summer!

Vintage-Inspired Styles

This summer, put away the same old boring swim suits and opt for something a little more classic. 

Vintage styles evoke a sense of nostalgia for the good ol' days, and always have a place during the chilled-out laid-back season of summer.

From Made-to-Fade vintage washes to mid-century island floral prints, this year's vintage revival will have you looking like a beach babe or surf god from decades past. 


But don't let the old-school aesthetic fool you – at Maui Rippers our stylish suits are also perfectly functional for all your favorite outdoor activities, from surfing to soaking up the sun on the beach. 

So whether you're hitting the board or just lounging poolside, make a splash in style this summer with vintage-inspired prints that will have you partying like it's 1969.

Mix & Match Swimwear

Take your swimwear look to the next level by opting for your own hand-picked combinations of colors and designs. 

Instead of sticking to the basic matching swim top and bottoms, mix and match compatible tones and textures to create your own standout vacation 'fit. 


Whether you prefer to roll with the rules of the color wheel, or you like to dress with the shades of the season, by mixing and matching your own rash guard or bikini top and swim bottoms, you'll be sure to have a look that's uniquely you.

With so many styles to choose from this season, get creative and mix and match swimwear solids and prints to create the ultimate summer wardrobe for all your outdoor adventures.

Animal Prints & Designs

One trending style that really stands out this summer is animal print.

From snake to tiger, or cheetah to fish, animal print swimwear and swim trunks have always added an undeniably bold and exotic touch to any beach or pool outfit.

After all, if you're looking to make this summer wild and unforgettable, you've got to have swimwear to match!

Pair your perfect animal print with simple solids and a modern comfortable cut that will have you covered all day long.

Pastel Shades

The pastel swimwear trend is one that is easy to style, and even easier to rock!

Soft pastel colors, such as blush pink, lavender, and baby blue are colors that calm and relax the mind, and have thus earned their spot in the world of vacation fashion.

For pastels, warm and cool colors are typically worn separately to establish a particular mood or aesthetic. 

But if you're feeling daring, you can pair them together with neutrals like beige or off-white to create a dynamic and balanced swim outfit that is definitely share-worthy.

Whatever your style, you can give new life to your swim wardrobe this summer with a fresh breath of pastels!

Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are a summer staple that just won't go out of style (and we love it).

From seaside swimwear to outdoor adventure gear, beach bums and hiking enthusiasts alike are embracing the stylish combination of nature-inspired motifs in all-new non-traditional colors.

Whether you're catching some waves in Honolulu or catching some rays in Cancun, bright tropical style swimwear will add an instant dose of happy to your vacation. 

So go on and let your adventurous side shine by pairing tropical print boardshorts with your favorite surf board! Or if hiking is more your speed, throw on a pair of eye-catching floral print shorts and get ready to tackle the great outdoors in style. 

No matter your destination, tropical prints with definitely have you embracing the summer vibes this season.


This summer, express yourself and your creativity by rocking the trends and styles that make you feel comfortable and enhance your adventure.

Whether you want to be daring, original, classic, or cozy; the swim trunk and swim suits styles that are trending in 2023 definitely have something in store for everyone. 

And while you're out on the lake with your buds, or touring the boardwalk after a swim, be sure to bring along the swim wear that will make you look and feel great all day long.

Shop our stylish collection of premium quality men's swim trunks and women's swim shorts that outperform the competition on the surf and sand!


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