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Preserving Paradise: 5 Responsible Travel Tips for Protecting Hawaii's Beauty

The Hawaiian Islands are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world, renowned for their mesmerizing beauty, diverse ecosystems, and rich cultural traditions.

Sure, we may be a little biased, but can you blame us? With millions of visitors arriving each year, it goes without saying that Hawaii has a lot to offer the world.

That's also why it's so important to make sure that our paradise is protected for the generations to come. 

From plastic waste to coral destruction, there are plenty of ways visitors can unintentionally put Hawaii’s beauty at risk. Luckily, incorporating sustainable practices into your vacation is easier than you think! 

In this blog post, we'll share with you the 5 most helpful ways to travel responsibly in Hawaii and make sure it continues to be a clean and pristine wonder of the world. 

So dive in and discover how to protect Hawaii's clear skies, clean water, and marine life, ensuring that future travelers can bask in the beauty just as much as you do today!

1. Leave the environment as you found it

First and foremost in Hawaii, it's vital to always be mindful of your surroundings.

The fragility of Hawaii's diverse environments means that even the smallest actions can have a profound impact on the precious ecosystem. 

So while the temptation to pet that mama honu (turtle) on the beach or toss food to the reef fish may be strong, it's essential to take a step back and remind yourself of the bigger picture. 

One golden rule to follow is to always leave a place just as you found it.

Keeping to this simple code is an easy way to make sure we are always treating the environment with respect.

As you immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii, take care not to trample plants or corals, always stay on the marked trails, and avoid touching or feeding the wildlife that call these places home. 

Also, be sure to follow beach signage and adhere to the rules regarding swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and other activities. These rules are in place for a good reason – to ensure the preservation of all the elements that make Hawaii so uniquely beautiful. 

2. Make eco-friendly switches

During your trip to Hawaii, making eco-friendly choices whenever possible can make a significant difference both for you and the environment.

Single-use plastics, man-made chemicals, and environmental pollutants have all been observed to cause major damage to Hawaii's delicate ecosystems (and they're certainly not doing any good for our bodies, either). 

In fact, in an effort to safeguard the environment, the state of Hawaii banned sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate in 2021, because they had been significantly linked to coral reef damage. 

So for the betterment of yourself and the environment, opt for reef-safe sunscreens that are free from oxybenzone and octinoxate, ride eco-friendly transportation whenever possible, and help reduce our plastic waste by using reusable or biodegradable water bottles and containers.

The collective impact of more people adopting sustainable practices amplifies the positive effect on the environment, leading to a brighter and greener future for all.

3. Eat and shop local

Embrace the true essence of Aloha during your trip to Hawaii by actively supporting locally-owned businesses, which play a vital role in preserving the island state's unique culture, practices, and traditions. 

By patronizing locally-owned and operated shops, restaurants, and accommodations, you directly contribute to the strength of the local economy while also getting to experience authentic local hospitality! 

Plus, shopping small lets you really immerse yourself in the customs and practices that define each community. 

Delight your taste buds with the diverse array of local cuisine offered by family-owned eateries, supporting their livelihoods and savoring the flavors that make Hawaii so special. 

You can also opt for locally grown products to support local producers and reduce the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. 

Through your small conscious choices, you can become an active participant in safeguarding Hawaii's vibrant communities, and who wouldn't want that?

4. Respect the lava

Hawaii is home to some of the world's most active volcanoes, and taking tours of the volcanic areas is an extremely popular tourist activity. 

But as you embark on tours to these terrestrial marvels, it is crucial to approach them with a sense of respect for their sacred significance in Hawaiian culture. 

Taking lava rocks out of their natural environment is not only associated with bad luck in Hawaiian culture but also directly contributes to erosion and environmental damage, among other concerns.

You might be thinking, "Does it really matter if I take just one rock? Who's going to notice?" But imagine if every single person had the same mindset and took even just one rock. The combined impact would be overwhelming!

So don't pick up or pocket any volcanic rocks or artifacts you come across, honoring the cultural value they hold and ensuring the preservation of the land. 

And while the allure of hot lava may tempt you to get closer, prioritize your own safety and environmental preservation by keeping a safe distance and allowing the natural processes of the volcanic landscape to thrive undisturbed.

5. Conserve water and energy whenever possible

The Hawaiian islands are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, but they're also very limited on their resources. That's why taking steps to conserve water and energy is a huge part of being a responsible tourist and visitor in Hawaii. 

You already know the basics; take shorter showers, avoid leaving the taps running, and skip those unnecessary toilet flushes.

Here are some more effective ways to help conserve water and energy in Hawaii (and anywhere else):

  • Shut off the lights, electronics, and AC whenever you leave your room
  • If you notice any water leaks or issues, let someone know as soon as possible
  • Line/hang dry your wet clothes and swimwear instead of using a dryer
  • Reuse your towels to cut down on the amount of necessary laundry loads
  • Open curtains during the day to make the most of natural light instead of using lightbulbs

By adopting these simple yet impactful actions, we easily contribute to a more sustainable and responsible travel experience.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Hawaii is a top travel destination with a unique culture and beauty that we can all agree should be preserved and protected for years to come. 

Whether you’re road tripping around the North Shore or getting a tan at Waikiki, Hawaii is a paradise worthy of cherishing and celebrating. 

With just a little bit of mindfulness, we can all enjoy Hawaii more responsibly while also helping preserve its beauty. 

From saying “no” to single-use plastics to learning about Hawaiian culture, following these 5 responsible travel tips can make your Hawaii vacation all the better -- so why not do your part?

Let us continue forward together and preserve paradise. Aloha oe!


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