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Out of Office in El Salvador

Nowadays, I think we can all agree that everyone is long overdue for some travel beyond the edge of their front driveway. For us, we were craving a proper surf trip. 
Though it's been fun learning to bake homemade bread, ever since all this craziness started we’ve been daydreaming about getting back to some warm water and empty waves somewhere far-off and tropical. 
And while rolling out of bed at 11 AM on a Monday for remote work isn't anything we'll complain about, we've missed setting that 6 AM alarm that gets you out the door before the swells are in. 
So though our hearts are partial to our regulars spots in Maui and Indo, this time around, El Salvador in Central America was the perfect place to bring our dreams to life. 

Back to the Old Grind
There’s just nothing like that surf trip feeling when life slows down, the phone stops ringing, and all that matters is what the waves are doing and where to find your next carne asada taco. We got lucky with a solid swell and glassy conditions all week, which we hear isn’t the norm in this part of the continent. With 80° water and 90° air, it was perfect temps to get back to some boardshort testing. 

We stayed in a cozy secluded casita near the main town where the locals worked and dwelled. Trips into the village consisted of fresh local fish and crab, ice cold drinks, and unique glimpses into the day-to-day of those who have lived here all their lives. 
We also made some friends at the market and they tipped us off the the best local reef breaks up and down the coastline. Our days were spent surfing reeling right points and taking spontaneous boat trips around the coast, and our Maui Rippers were there with us every step of the journey.

Where the Wild Things Are
The humid forests of El Salvador are known for being host to an incredible variety of exotic plants and animals. And with dense tropical jungle palms hanging over every rocky shoreline, it was obvious why. 
From the beach it was hard for us to spot any wildlife, which wasn't surprising as most native species there are nocturnal. Though we took care to not venture too far into the wilderness this time around, we were still able to acknowledge and appreciate the country's natural beauty all the same.
Known as 'The Savior' in English, El Salvador definitely lived up to its name and saved all of us from a serious saltwater deficiency, and the memories made will most certainly be for the books. 
Keep scrolling to see a collection of photos from a week off the grid in nothing but Maui Rippers.



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