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Keep Your Kids Active this Summer with the Jr. Guard Program

One of the best ways to keep your child safe and occupied during their summer vacation is by enrolling them in a junior lifeguard program.

The Jr. Guard Program not only provides children with an exciting way to get some exercise, but it also teaches them important water safety tips, valuable teamwork skills, and how to be better swimmers or surfers. 

Best of all, kids come away from these experiences having made new friends and gained confidence - all while having fun! If you're looking for an unforgettable experience that will benefit your child for years to come, read on to learn more about why a junior lifeguard program might be the perfect fit.

What is the Jr. Guard Program?

The first Junior Lifeguard Program was established in California in the 1920's in an effort to get more kids interested in the profession of lifeguarding, as well as to teach about ocean and outdoor safety. 

Today the program is offered in counties across the nation, and gives kids from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn lifelong skills, make friends, and stay active during the summer. It's perfect for children aged 6-14 looking to have a more in-depth experience of the outdoors by learning basic ocean safety, education and swimming techniques from experienced lifeguards and watermen.

The exciting program includes fun daily activities, games, exercises, as well as important lessons from active lifeguards about ocean life and drowning prevention.

Get a Head Start on their Swimming Skills

The Junior Lifeguard Program provides a safe and enjoyable environment for young swimmers to advance their swimming skills and learn important safety tips. 

Junior lifeguards gain valuable life skills like teamwork and communication while learning to master the techniques to become proficient swimmers - and they even get outfitted with custom lifeguard boardshorts or swim trunks as part of their membership! 

Whether aspiring jr. lifeguards are hoping to progress further into a professional or recreational pursuit, this program is an essential stepping stone for any budding water enthusiast.

An Exciting and Educational Summer Experience

Joining your local Junior Lifeguard program is a great way to get kids of any swimming skill level excited about the outdoors. The jr. lifeguard program combines swimming and physical fitness with educational experiences that teach children the essential skills required to be successful in the water. 

From learning about rip currents and science of the ocean, to hands-on practice swimming long distances with trained professionals, children will come away from their junior lifeguard experience with confidence, improved swimming performance, and a deeper understanding of vital aquatic safety rules. 

Signing up your child for this summer activity can give them an exciting and enriching experience they won't forget! 

The program is very popular and fills up quickly, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible. Registration deadlines vary depending on your county and the program you choose, so be sure to check out the Jr. Lifeguard Program website for more information.

Jr. Lifeguard Activities Include:

  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Surf lessons
  • Bodysurfing 
  • Beach games like volleyball and capture the flag
  • Practicing beach skills with relays and mock water rescues

Don't Forget the Boardshorts!

Your little lifeguard will need a pair of high-quality durable youth lifeguard uniform boardshorts to have their back during all their summer fun, so make sure to shop our site for the very best swim trunks to commemorate such an important experience.


Junior Lifeguard Navy Uniform Stretch Boardshort


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With our comfortable and long-lasting swim shorts, your child will be ready for beach fun whether they’re ready to hit the waves or just enjoying a day out by the beach. We'll help you make sure your kids have the best boardshorts for summer! 

Together, let’s create unforgettable memories on and off the water that will be cherished for years. Have fun out there!


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