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Diving In: 5 Health Benefits of Swimming You Should Know

With summer not too far off, now is a great time to start thinking about ways you can keep your body and mind healthy this season. 

One great option to consider is swimming. From helping you lose weight to improving your mood, there are plenty of reasons why taking a dip can be beneficial for your health in both the short and long term. 

Read on to learn about five big health benefits of swimming that may just convince you to jump in (the water)! 

5. Low-Impact Workout 

Swimming offers an excellent way to exercise without putting too much strain on your body. This makes it a great form of everyday exercise for people of all ages and levels of expertise. 

Whether you’re looking for a light workout or a more intense routine, swimming can provide what you're looking for without putting too much pressure on your joints like high-impact sports and weight training does. 

Swimming is also ideal for those recovering from injuries or joint pain, as well as pregnant women looking for a safe physical activity they can enjoy. 

4. Stress Relief 

Studies have shown that practicing swimming can help reduce stress levels and improve overall mental wellbeing by releasing endorphins into the body that make us feel happier and calmer. 

For many people, jumping into your favorite swim suit and getting into the water can be a really therapeutic activity that relieves a significant amount of stress. Whether it be laps in a pool or a leisurely float in the ocean, taking time to swim can be sometimes be just what you need.

Reserving some time in your day to go for a swim or have a relaxing soak in the pool is an effective way to blow off steam and help ease away any anxiety or lingering tension from the week you may be feeling. 

3. Improved Sleep Quality 

If you’re having trouble getting enough shut-eye at night, try going for a swim before bedtime! 

Not only does it make winding down easier after a long day, but swimming also increases the amount of energy you use up so you are ready to crash when nighttime comes.

The combination of physical activity and relaxation that comes with spending time in the water also helps lower your heart rate and prepare your circadian cycle for sleep, allowing you to drift off more easily and get better quality rest throughout the night. 

2. Weight Loss 

Say goodbye to your same old gym routine! As mentioned earlier, swimming is an excellent form of exercise that helps burn calories quickly because it combines resistance training with cardio, and actively engages all the muscles in your body.


By practicing different swimming exercises and intensities, you also have the ability to target different muscle groups - helping you burn more calories and lose weight quicker than other workout routines.

As long as you’re doing more than just floating around every day, it’s possible to make a serious difference in your overall health while also getting fit with regular swim sessions.

1. Increased Flexibility 

Swimming requires constant movement throughout all parts of the body, which helps increase your range of motion over time as well as your strength in different areas such as arms, back, and legs. 

Depending on what swimming strokes you focus on most regularly during your session, you can improve or heal muscles in your body that don't have as much flexibility as you'd prefer. Regular swim workouts target certain muscles by putting them through a wide range of motion, helping to keep your body limber and flexible.

This allows us greater flexibility overall when performing daily activities or playing sports, making us less prone to injury down the line when stretching or reaching for something suddenly. 


Now that you know some of these amazing health benefits associated with swimming, why not take advantage this summer? 

Whether you already love hitting up the pool or beach regularly, or are just starting out with this fantastic sport (it’s never too late!), there are plenty of ways swimming can benefit both mind and body—all while having tons of fun at the same time.

So grab some goggles, hop into your favorite swimsuit, and dive right in!


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